Flight Explorer Gold (Offline)

Flight Explorer (offline): helps you calculate Flight Times, Distances, Mileages, Routes and lookup airport codes from around the world.GOLD version: Contains over 50 million flight routes, no Adverts of any kind and more accurate listings!- Features- Find airports nearby and explore nearby destinations.- Calculate Reverse flying times, travel duration and distances.- Lookup airport codes from all around the world by country name,country abbreviation, city name or airport name.- Search airports by IATA code, ICAO code, airport city or country.- World Airport Codes and over 50 million flight routes included!- Flying Distance, Mileage Calculator and Flight Explorer.- Offline Calculations, no internet connection Required.- Measurements- Flight Explorer measures the flight distance between points using the circle formula to compute travel mileage, durations are based on average aeroplane speeds and past info for flight calculations in addition route calculations include 10-30 minutes for take off and landing time.- Miscellaneous- All offline Flight distances and durations provided are close approximations and should be used as such, note that actual flight times may differ based on weather, traffic, and the exact routes determined by air traffic control on the day of flight.
Operating System Android