Battery Power Control

Stop power draining and optimize phone usage with our newest app Battery Power Control ! Forget about constantly charging your phone because now you can have the best battery life app completely free of charge! Kill apps running in background with just one tap. Also, monitor the battery percentage display on screen with this status widget! Enjoy playing games, listening to music and watching videos without fearing that your phone will shut down! Our power extender comes to the rescue! Stop apps running in the background that drain your phone energy! PLUS follow the percentage status bar with a simple battery widget for homescreens!FeaturesPower saver app download FREEBattery optimization and monitoringStop power draining easilyA useful widget for AndroidMax powerLong life appHow to install Battery Power Control ?Add the widget to home screenGo to MENU and then press 'ADD' button OR tap the empty space and hold finger until the pop-up menu-window labeled ADD TO HOME SCREEN appears(you might need to find + BUTTON, or the option 'WIDGET' to add it to home screen).Adjust screen brightness with this app, turn off / turn on Wifi, Bluetooth, and location!Battery Power Control app for home screens and widget free download!You will never have to go on power saving mode because you will have our mobile battery booster! Save your smart phone energy easily and never worry again! This new free phone tool has basic settings, controls, and functions - but it is very helpful! An additional bonus that you get for free is this: battery saver for Android mobile is carefully designed to look amazing on your phone display. Tend to your device with love and care! Discover long battery widgets for home screen!* Android is a trademark of Google Inc.
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