READ THESE BEFORE INSTALLINGwill pro key work if I buy and refund?- you can keep it installed but it will not work, so don't key is not recognized immediately by SamFix? 1 star?- in some cases it takes a while to register, give it a while and try tapping disabled items on SamFix.30 seconds passed already, didn't working, what to do?follow this :- tap the support link on SamFix Pro app (don't have to pay just let it open)- press home- Go to SamFix app and tap any one of the disabled itemsFor some users reboot and reinstall also worked.I paid already, why do I buy key again?- If you have already paid for SamFix on play store, please send me the order Id and I'll send you the code for pro key. YOU DON'T HAVE TO PAY TWICE.nothing worked, what to do now?- if nothing works refund and get your money back.
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