Frequency Sound Generator - Tone Generator

Frequency Sound Generator is the best way to generate sound waves using your smart phone. It's Easy interface allows you to generate audio signals and is also acts as a function generator.This Sound Generator / Signal Generator allows you all the controls to control audio in realtime in a dynamic way.Frequency Sound Generator features:- 4 Wave Forms (Sine, SawTooth, Square, Triangle)- Accurate frequency selector- Easy Volume control- 16 bit PCM encoding / Sampling rate at 44100Hz- Oscillator range is from20Hz to 20KHz- Runtime Sound Frequency SelectionUsage:Simply open frequency sound generator and click on play button. You can easily select the frequency range as well as the volume. App also provide you dynamic switching of Oscillations by clicking the waveform or by selecting from the drop down menu for sound generator.The types of waves implemented are:* Sine Wave* Square* Triangular* SawtoothHearing Test can be done using this app. Normal Human ear perceives sound from 20HZ to 20,000HZ. This range decreases with age. Animals Can Hear more high frequencies then 20,000HZ.Another use of this app is Pest Repellant, Mosquito Repellant. It generates annoying sound which repels the mosquitos away. People use high frequency whistle to train dog. This is why it is called dog Whistle.- Experience the acoustic beat phenomenon:For example, launch the application on two devices and then generate a frequency of 720Hz on one and 725Hz on the other.You will then hear a "beat" of frequency 5Hz. This phenomenon is frequently exploited by musicians to tune their instruments by ear.This app allows you to test your device speakers.This app also acts as Wave form Generator and Signal Generator. It generates sounds of 4 waves. Just Click on the wave to change the waveform or you can choose form dropdown menu.Sound Generator generates high pitch sound. This Tone Generator can help you in getting someone's attention in crowded place. This frequency sound generator is the best tone generator because it generates frequency from 20HZ upto 44100HZ which is android phone's limitation. Also use subwoofer test to check your subwoofer.Note: When generating ultrasonic tones (20000 Hz and more), your device's speaker may produce additional sounds. Hearing those sounds does not mean you can hear the actual frequency being played.Keep in mind that the sound generator generates tones that can be very annoying and irritating for your surroundings. Always use this application responsibly.
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