Hidden Camera Detector

Hidden Camera Detector easily detects the various devices used for spying purposes, such as: A spy camera near you. This app is the best and easiest solution for your privacy. If you are staying at a hotel or hostel, this hidden camera detector app is for you. Use this hidden camera detector to avoid any danger of spying.Simply swivel your phone to discover a hidden camera and uncover unusual magnetic activities such as a hidden camera, spy camera, secret camera or hidden device.With this hidden camera detector, you can check your environment to see if there is a suspicious goal. Otherwise, you're sure, but if you find a target, there should be a hidden camera.If your reading is blocked in height, simply move your phone in a pattern of 8 shapes and switch the screen of the phone to the sky.Properties:- Hidden camera detector and locator- Magnetic field recognition- Great hidden device search app- simple interface- Infrared hidden spy camera- Metal detector with hidden camera- Save your privacy- IR hidden camera detector- Discover the camera with a magnetic field- Displays all detected devices immediately- It has exact dimensions- Magnetic sensor- Detect the hidden camera by radiation
Operating System Android