Device Info gives you detailed system information about your Android device. It presents this information in an intuitive, easy to use design, and in a highly readable format.The power users, as well as the Android enthusiasts will find this app useful to learn more about the features and stats of their Android device.Note: Starting API 23 and above, Device Info needs runtime permission to manage phone calls in order to display the IMEI and other cellular info to User. We do not collect any User data, and more details can be found in our Privacy Policy.Features: Device info gives detailed info about following -1) General (manufacturer, model, SDK, serial number, IMEI, etc...)2) Detailed CPU info3) RAM (available, used, free, if low, etc...)4) Detailed cellular info5) Storage info (on-board and external total/used/free)6)Battery stats (status, level, tech, temperature, health, voltage, capacity in mAh)7) Network parameters8) List of sensors on your device9) Display info (height, width, density, orientation, refresh rate, is HDR, etc...)10) Detailed Operating System info11) Sharing of general features12) Beautiful, functional user interface (UI) that follows Material Design principles, and guidelinesWe have tested Device Info thoroughly on following devices without any issues1) Google Pixel (Android 8, API 26)2) Moto X Pure Edition (Android 6, API 23)3) Nexus 5X (Android 7, API 24)4) Nexus 4 (Android 5.1 , API 22)5) Nexus 7 (Android 7, API 24)6) LG LGLS660 (Android 4.4.2, API 19)If you have any usage issues, or feature requests please let us know at - we will try to address them in our future updates.Your feedback is very valuable to us! Please give Device Info a favorable rating on Google Play, and feel free to get in touch with us!
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