EMF Detector

Android EMF detector is useful EMF detection tool available on android platform. Electromagnetic radiations and Electromagnetic field detection can easily be performed using this android based EMF detector. This EMF detector application turns your android phone into an effective EMF detection set. Not only one can measure the strength of electromagnetic radiations or EMF radiations. So this EMF detector finds its application in all list of applications for which EMF is designed. This online EMF solution can play its role to measure the EMF levels at targeted area. EMF detector can even help to acknowledge estimated affects of electromagnetic signals or EMF health effects. EMF meter is helpful to detect and measure electromagnet signals. In this regard we can test the presence and strength of electromagnet present near to our EMF detector. Our highly sensitive EMF detector or EMF monitor can even detect week electromagnetic signals from electromagnet s at various distances from our android based EMF measuring device. Electromagnet generates EM signals resulting in electromagnetic field whose strength can be measure by EMF detector.Below are some main features of this advanced EMF detector;- EMF detector/Strength of electromagnetic signals or electromagnetic field;- EMF monitor/Effects of electromagnetic radiations on health;- EMF measuring device/Babies and electromagnetic signals;- Android EMF/Electromagnetic signal from cell phone;- EMF detection tool/frequency and strength of electromagnetic signals;- EMF meter/EMF scale;- EMF sensor/Adverse effects of Electromagnetic signals- EMF detection/Circuit applications/Detection of electromagnetic signals in complex and high power circuits-EMF monitor/EMF monitors and provides the accurate results of strength of existing magnetic field at any place.Note: This online Electro-magnetic scale (EMF meter) can sense and measure minor and huge values and performs well in complex circuits.
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 1.0
Operating System Android
System Requirements None