HVAC duct sizer - a Ductulator

a Ductulator - a duct sizing calculations program for Android OS, is specially designed by a professional engineer to replace the conventional hand-held ductulator. It is a lot more than just a Ductulator.Highlights:- Duct sizing for Rectangular, Round or Oval shape with 3+1 common sizing methods (i.e., equal friction, velocity, by duct dimensions + find airflow). Detail results such as velocity pressure, hydraulic diameter, reynolds number, friction factor, relative roughness and flow area are included.- Rectangular and Oval duct sizes are obtained by direct iteration algorithm method, i.e., not converted from round duct size.- you're in control; full control and exact on input parameters, i.e., no sliding bar type of input method which can be difficult to control to exact input numbers. Distinct input (white) and output (yellow) fields.- different duct materials selection (Galv. steel, Spiral, Aluminium, Carbon steel, PVC, Duct board, Duct liner, Flexible duct and Concrete).- find duct fictional loss rate by Duct Dimension method (useful design tool for existing duct).- find airflow for a given duct sizes (useful design tool for existing duct).- built-in Duct Converter, rhoAIR, Louvre Sizer, Fan Motor kW, Convert KW-Amp, Duct gauge/weight, Threaded rod hanger sizing, txt file Viewer, Hello! Condensation.- Duct converter module to convert duct sizes between round, rectangular and oval duct.- Irregular Shaped duct sizing module with built-in polygon shape builder.- rhoAIR module to find air density and other pyschrometric air properties at state point.- Louvre sizer module to size louvre opening required for structural opening.- Fan Motor kW module to calculate electrical power consumption.- Convert KW-Amp module to convert electrical KW - Amp, and calculate KVA.- Duct gauge/weight module to find duct weight, perimeter and surface area for rectangular, round and oval duct with built-in duct gauge selections (Galvanized steel, Stainless steel and Aluminium duct).- Threaded rod sizer module to size and select threaded hanger rod with built-in metric-english series of rod sizes, tensile stress calculator and maximum load calculator.- Hello! Condensation module to calculate surface condensation, U-value and heat gain with built-in building materials and airfilm selections.- txt file Viewer module to view and edit saved results.- SI & IP units setting.- Save results function.For details and examples, see https://sites.google.com/view/pocketengineer/android-os/aductulator-and
Price USD 12.99
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Version 10.0
Operating System Android
System Requirements None