Urdu Keyboard - Urdu English Text, Symbols & Emoji

Let's install Urdu Keyboard and type text in Urdu and English. Urdu Keyboard 2018. Urdu Keyboard contains a number of emoji and symbols. Fast Urdu Keyboard. Here's two type of Urdu Keyboard.1. Urdu Phonetic Keyboard.2. Urdu Alphabetic Keyboard.This App contains Urdu nastaleeq keypad. Urdu Keyboard. Urdu nastaleeq keyboard is boosted with rich Urdu vocabulary words. Urdu Keyboard. Urdu nastaleeq keyboard is most efficient keyboard than the other Urdu English Keyboards. Urdu English Keypad nastaleeq has a new typing version for two languages, English to Urdu and Urdu to English with easy typing steps.This Urdu English keyboard has English words as well as Urdu words also. Urdu English keyboard also have colorful background with different themes. These themes can be changed in the background of Urdu English keyboard. The beautiful and stylish themes attract the concentration of users.Urdu English keyboard also have the emojis as well as the stickers and GIF to show different types of expressions. Which are used to make your chat beautiful.Urdu English keyboard with emoji creates attraction in communication because the words and emotional faces both display your feelings pleasantly.Top first row of Urdu English keyboard is for numbers and digits.The arrangement of Urdu letters on the Urdu English keyboard is alphabetically as well as phonetically.The advantage of phonetically arrangement is that the text can be written fast. So, we can say with confidence that it's a Fast Urdu Keyboard.By one button the texting can be change from English to Urdu and similarly from Urdu to English. The alphabetically arrangement can be changed to phonetically arrangement with one touch.Urdu English keyboard has to be proceeds with only easy and simple steps . So the users no need to bother regarding the functionality and usability of Urdu English keyboard.Urdu English Keyboard is attributed with some more highlights such as....- Emoji chat with friends and relatives nastaleeq font- Send stickers and GIFs- Beautiful background and stunning colors- Attractive keyboard themes- Smooth typing of keys- Best source to search Urdu English contentHow to Enable Urdu English Keyboard:Follow these instructions to enable Urdu keyboard after installation.Standard Method:- Step 0: Install and open the app.Step 1: Click on "Enable Keyboard" Button and enable "Urdu Keyboard"- Step 2: come back on main menu and Click on "Set Keyboard" button and select "Urdu Keyboard"- Step 3: Again come back on main menu and Click on "Settings" and customize the setting as you want.- Step 4: Now come back and close the App and enjoy Urdu Keyboard in all apps where you can write text.
License Free
Version 2.0
Operating System Android