"TPipingHMI" is a mobile client, connecting to the automation devices supporting HTML protocol, such as Raspberry PI, BeagleBone and Windows10 devices. With it you can create and watch in real time the mimic diagram on the Android tablets and desktops.The app "Help" file contains the interactive examples and the instructions how to configure Raspberry PI for the communication with "TPipingHMI" application, using HTTP, HTTPS, MQTT over WebSocket protocols and Modbus over WEBSocket bridge. The source code samples of data exchange is included.In "TPipingHMI" mimic diagram editor one should put on the form a first piping element and set its direction and color. The next piping element, selected from menu, "intelligently" finds its place on mimic, establishes a connection to the previous element and sets its color automatically. This "docking" feature significantly speeds up the design of the piping mimic diagrams. For example, "Timeline" chart is configured just with the several gestures.Canvas based, the internally "wired", pipeline graphics provides the automatic transition of the color indexes through the "open" pipelines. These indexes can have corresponding material names, such as "Water", "Air", etc.. The user can see on screen this information, which improve and facilitate the understanding what is going on in the system.The embedded Process Simulation is a useful feature, which from the point of programmer view can greatly facilitates:debugging PLC software ;conducting factory acceptance (FAT) test;the SCADA operators training without energy and materials losses;simulation of emergency situations in case of mismanagement in the operations;training and testing the programmers of PLCs in an environment as close to real time;demonstrating the advantages of the advertised automation system.
Price USD 2.99
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Version 39.41.0
Operating System Android
System Requirements None