Hidden Device Detector - camera and microphone

Radiation meter function need to have the magnetic sensor in your phone, the other wise this feature will not work. so You need to have magnetic sensor on your phone for device detection.Don't let anyone ruin your privacy! Use the infrared scan tool ! It allows you to find hidden devices in your surroundings either by using camera feature or by sensing the magnetic field of the electronic devices. find all of the spy equipement around you!Move app near any device you have in doubt. For example - shower, flowers, lens looking at a party or changing the mirror of the room.Hidden Camera & Mic can also be used as a hidden camera detector or anti-spy use it to detect all devices spying youYou have to move the app facing your sensor towards the object.To know the sensor position of your phone, have a camera and move up close to your phone and down your phone. you will find the position of the sensorthe app emits a sound signal near metal or electronics device. metals are a good conduction of electricity so they have electromagnetism,Hidden Camera & Mic analyzes magnetic activity and warns you if it find magnetic activity similar to hidden microphone.normal camera can also detect the infrared.tag: hidden camera detector, anti spy camera, bug detector,
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