This app is designed for Paranormal Research.Your DEVICE MUST HAVE A COMPASS and ACCELEROMETER inside and working!Please Download this FREE SENSOR TESTER APP, Prior to Purchasing this app.This FREE app will tell you if your device will work or not. Also, if this FREE app crashes. The chances of your device working with our PARATOOLZ app is slim to none.To avoid any problems. AGAIN, Please download this FREE app First.LINK: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.VBEINC.VBESENSORTESTERThank you...Features:1) EVP RECORDER2) EMF Directional Pull Radar - 4 Direction + dual direction = 8 Directions total3) GEO Detection ( Vibration )4) Auto EVP Recorder using EMF values above 105) File Management6) Video Camera Shortcut7) Screen Shot function8) Instant Playback control9) File Playback Control10) File Date Time Stamping11) File Auto Date Time Stamping12) EMF activated Reversed Garbled Audio BanK ( LOOPED )13) GEO activated Reversed Garbled Audio BanK ( LOOPED )This app is designed to help the Paranormal Investigator to Debunk any EVP files and to Help Locate the Source of High EMF. Once the Source has been located. It is up to the Investigator to Debunk or Prove that the EMF source is an Intelligent source and not simply an Electromagnetic Field caused by normal Circumstances.This App, allows you to use the Compass in your Device to not only find the source, but to prove the source is Intelligent, by use of the EMF AUTO EVP Function of this app. By asking the Spirit to Grab the Device while the EMF AUTO EVP Function is activated and telling the spirit to speak into the device. The Investigator proved two things. ONE, the EMF is not a normal EMF as it reacted to the Demands of the Investigator with Input. TWO, the Audio that is recorded is actually started by a Source other then the Investigator.Another Fantastic feature, is to let the Device be in a quiet area away from any metal or Magnetic sources. Let the Spirits know to grab the device while they speak and to let go once finished. This allows your device to capture files that are only as long as the Sentences the Spirits are speaking. This makes reviewing and enhancing the audio much easier for the Investigator.This app also has an EMF / GEO activated Reversed Garbled Audio Bank ( LOOPED ). This bank of audio is designed to provide power to the speaker with a reversed tone of garbled audio ( NO LANGUAGE = NO NONSENSE ). When you hear your Language come through. You can instantly determine that there is a Spirit present and it is communicating. The Audio LOOP itself stays quiet until a spirit touches the device.However, if the Investigator / User shakes the device. The Audio will also start. Same goes for any EMF that is detected by the device.Lastly, you can check the authenticity of this app with a Magnet or Metal object, by using the Radar function. Please remember, north Magnetic pull and South will produce opposite effects, however they both will prove this apps effectiveness.You can also shake the Device while the TRUST BOX Function is on to see a BLUE GEO Activated Icon appear. This proves this app is capable of reading vibrations as well.Thank you for your Support and Trust using VBE INC applications...
Price USD 9.99
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Version 1
Operating System Android
System Requirements None