This is free, lightweight, it only takes a few seconds to run! The user interface is easy to use and has been completely reshuffled from previous versions. Now you can even choose your favorite color scheme! Now also supported in the application, and will soon introduce more enhancements. The new look and the outstanding new features make this app a must-have for your software library.Same as the previous version, supports multiple languages. This is invaluable if you like to install the software outside of the default location, such as a stand-alone drive. The new version also introduced the application of management, allowing you to check your installed applications at a set time each day.This version has a lot of fixes:- Vast improvement in how communication errors are handled- Better handling of errors- Improved manager- Improved how settings are preserved when doing an upgrade from a previous version- Fixed a bug with custom scan locations, where setting scan didn't work correctly- Fixed a bug with passwords not being saved- Fixed a bug with saving username- Fixed some specific issues- Fixed a bug which sometimes greyed out the 'Ignore' button for certain updates- Fixed a bug which sometimes shows a notification popup for 0 updates- Display options are now saved between scans and remembered after a reboot- Various other minor bug fixes.
Operating System Android