Sms, Gps, Call Phone Tracker

Mobile Tracker keeps tracking and monitoring of all your SMS, Calls, Contacts, Web History, Social Apps and Locations data. It's 100% Free.- SMS Tracking/Intercept text messages. Read all inbound and outbound messages. Details include name, message, date, phone number, contact name and address.- Call Logging/Monitor all inbound, outbound and missed calls. Details include name, call duration, date, phone number, contact name and address.- GPS Tracking - Receive GPS locations data from the phone every 5 minutes by default.- Retrieve the list of SMS, Calls and Contacts from the remote control.- Track your phone in live..Track IM applications like whatsapp and facebookThis is useful:* To get a copy of all SMS, Calls and Location history in case of loss/theft of the phone.* Sort the information by name, date, number, address / Save to PDF, Excel.* To monitor the SMS, Calls and Location history from your children.* Intercept outgoing calls and read phone state and identityRequired to get the incoming/missed/outgoing call details. This info is gathered only if the "Track Calls" option is enabled in the app.* Read contact dataRequired to map the phone number received during call or SMS to the person's name in the contact data.* Coarse/fine (network-based) location and view network stateRequired to collect location details of the device. The location details will be collected only if the user enables the "Track Location" option is enabled in the app.LEGAL NOTICE: The software is designed to track your SMS, Calls and Location history on a phone you own or that you have proper consent to monitor it. If you install the software on a phone you do not own or which you do not have the appropriate consent, you are an illegal, I will in no case be held responsible for your actions. By installing this application you agree that your Calls, Location history and SMS may be sent to our server.
Operating System Android