Show Wifi Password - Share Wifi Password

*** Note: Require Rooted***Are you a forgetful person? Can not remember the wifi password you have connected to share with your friends when you need it?Application Show wifi password, share wifi password help you do it easily and conveniently. With just a few steps you can view your wifi password and share your wifi password with ease.Wifi password Show, Share wifi password is a useful application for the purpose of restoring the wifi password used to display the wifi password, sharing the wifi password not to hack WIFI. To use the application, your device needs to be root.Features of wifi password view, wifi password sharing:The application is completely free.View wifi name and wifi password freeList all the wifi passwords you have ever connectedShare your Wifi password with friends for free.Apply for wifi standard wifi, wpa wifi, wifi wpa2 and wifi freeHow to use Show Wifi password Show, Share wifi password:Download and install the application.Open the application you will receive the wifi password connected if your phone is rootedYour device needs to be connected to wifi before and should be rooted.Share and Connect with wifi easilyIf you have any questions, please feel free to respond to us via email: maticstudio6789@gmail.comThanks very much
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