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Hide your IP address with Fast VPN. Nobody will know where you are browsing from. Secure Internet and Personal data with our strong encryption. Unblock websites and surf any channel you want and unblock all restricted websites.Our Premium VPN app for Android is a secure way to access all major international websites (Netflix, Pandora, Hulu, Torrent sites, Amazon Prime and more). It provides reliable ip hider and encrypted network VPN connectivity for Android phones and tablets. Ensure continuous strong VPN access for when you are on the go, without needing to refresh your device. You can also make sure you IP address is hidden from government censorship when web browsing.Our Fast VPN service is your premium vpn privacy guard and more secure than your typical proxy, such as: VPN Proxy Master, Hola Free VPN, SuperVPN, TunnelBear, VPN Melon, Hotspot shield, ExpressVPN, Secure VPN ect.Whether you need to provide VPN access to your email, desktop, Android plug in or applications Fast VPN has got you covered. We have developed a new network proxy configuration to effectively avoid firewall interference. It also provides business critical app connectivity, so you can get your work done without a hassle. If you want to secure IP and receive the ultimate VPN protection.Choose one of our top VPN addresses from over 100 countries to surf websites restricted in your region, such as: a UK VPN, USA VPN, VPN Australia, VPN China, France VPN, Canada VPN, and many more.People will always try to reconnect their VPN browser after a WiFI or Cellular connection, however with FAST VPN you won't have to manually restart the VPN connection. Our Auto VPN reconnect mode does all the work for you. This is the best option for a safe vpn.Top 10 reasons to buy this Fast and Easy VPN app:------------------------------------------------1. No registration needed, no settings required2. Connect with easy with our simple VPN 1 click setup.3. Fast speed, vpn unlimited bandwidth.4. No root access required to attain privileged control.5. Strong encryption and hotspot shield to protect your online privacy.6. Unblock unlimited proxy & servers in numerous regions.7. Access all geographically restricted apps & websites.8. No Ads or Pop-Ups. Ever.9. Auto vpn proxy reconnect mode.10. Lifetime vpn securityWhy use a vpn? There are unique advantages to get from the best vpn provider. When you connect to vpn you will improve security, protect privacy, access restricted resources and get better connectivity.
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Version 1.2
Operating System Android