Smart Switch Data & Mobile Content Transfer

Data Smart Mobile helps you switch phone by transfer data and switch copy your data from phone to another over WiFi network, without the need for a computer in app Data Smart Mobile.- You just need both phones to be connected to the same wifi network source and then follow the instructions.- When you choose to copy your data , switch phone Smart Switch Data will find your nearby Android device running Smart Switch Data. it will begin transferring your data and put it in the right places. Just like that. Once your content has been transferred, you're ready to get going. That's it -- you can start using your new Android Phone or Tablet. Enjoy in Data Smart Switch pro.- If the signal from the wireless router is not recognized, the ability to set a return to the state before the conversion.- When the setting is changed, the phone notifies you of changes to vibration or sound.Also with this Smart Switch copy my data you can backup and restore all your data on anytime Smart Switch copy my data will do this for youSmart Switch Data app:* Calendar* Contacts* Photos* Video* audioCopy Smart Mobile Switch is a content transfer and a great tool for backup and recovery of data to easily copy data from your old smartphone Data to the new, and change smartphone without the need for a computer or other tools.(Extremely fast)If your smartphone is old and you want to change your Data smartphone and save your contacts, photos, and videos to the new smartphone, just use the Data Smart Switch mobile data recovery tool to easily copy data in a few easy steps.(Backup and restore from Google Drive)Data Smart Switch Mobile gives you two options to copy your data,1. Copy the data from one smartphone to another.2. Backup and restore from Google Drive.3. Sms backup and restore of your mobile data(No fear of privacy leakage)Offline real data transfer. No need to worry about scary data leaks and violations.(Professional data transfer tool)Easily change your smartphone using Copy my Data Smart Switch. Download Copy my Data Smart Switch for free and try it!Copy my data is the best smart switch application for sms backup and restore of your mobile dataUse copy my data everytime to sms backup and restore without online backup.And you have sms backup and restore.Enjoy!
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