Super Voice Typer - Speech To Text

Type with your voice and convert speech to text!When life can get easier why choose the tougher path. Talk and watch it turn into text!Includes support for multiple languagesType very long sentences!Small file sizeShrink the app to a buttonEdit using keypadChoose multiple themesDictation mode: Keep typing without stoppingChange text size for better readabilityNo ads!Copy text to clipboard or share via multiple appsView your copied text as a notification in the status barDISCLAIMER: The languages that are supported by the app are the ones that Google has voice recognition support for. If you do not see a language in the list, it is because there is no support for it by Google yet. If and when it is supported, the language will appear in the list automatically.NOTE: Please accept the permission to record audio during the first app startup or change the permissions from Settings for the app to work. Also, please allow the system alert window permission to use the Shrink feature.INSTRUCTIONS1. Press the record button, and talk after the beep.2. You can wait until the app types it automatically or press the record button again while it is red to type.3. Click the shrink button to shrink the app to a floating button that you can move around; clicking on the button opens up the app again while clicking on the small X removes the button.4. Use the themes button to switch themes.5. Click on the text box to edit it using the keyboard.6. Copy the text using the copy button and paste it anywhere. Using this button also makes the copied text available as a notification.7. Press the New button to clear everything and start afresh.8. Change the text size from the top right.9. The alerts at the top let you know when the app is ready, recording, processing or doing nothing.10. You can choose your choice of language to type in from the top left of the screen.11. Turning on dictation mode will make the app listen to a sentence that you speak, type it and automatically start listening for the next sentence without you having to press the record button.Rate and let me know about any bugs, improvements or future features you would like to see, and I will put them up in a future update!Happy Typing!
Price USD 0.99
License Purchase
Version 1.3.1
Operating System Android
System Requirements None