Like Monster

- As the likes grow be more popular- Password free secure app usage- Gain hundreds of likes with one tap- Choose your picture and send likes instantly- Instagram like- Instagram like- Like- Comment- Instagram CommentHow can I Choose Photo?- If Instagram is not installed on your device, first install Instagram- Click "Select Photo"- Instagram opens, click the '...' icon on the upper right side of the photos- In the opened window, select 'Copy Link'- Make sure that the URL you selected belongs to your LAST SHARED PHOTO. Otherwise you will not be able to send likes- Your account should not be "Private Account" in order to send likes to your photoHow can i make a photo to be liked?- After you copied the link of Instagram photo that you want to be get liked, open our application and select the number of likes you want- Select the number of likes in the list for your photo- After you select the number of likes, press the "Send Likes" button- If your credit is sufficient, your likes will start to be sent- If you do not have enough credit, you can buy or you can earn freeHow to Buy Credit?- If your credit is not enough, choose the amount and buy credit in the 'Buy Credit' section- The purchase window will open after you have made your selection- Select the payment method first in the opened window- Pay by following the guidelines for your preferred payment method- When you complete your payment, the credits you have purchased will be added to your balance*** If your transaction fails due to any reason, your money will be refunded unconditionally.
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