PINGER Lite - Anti Lag For Mobile Game Online

PINGER Lite tool for gamer is publish now - Anti lag/such network for gamerLet's play your favorite mobile games online.This app is a simple ping app for android. We tried to keep it as simple as possible. This app will help you to get the best ping on your lan/wifi/internet network.This ping tool is different from another app. Why? Because this ping tool is very easy to use. Just one click and play your game.Don't even try to tweak the setup/setting, it will confuse you. Just open the app, start it, and play your online mobile game.How to use : 1. Close all running application (Chatting app,etc),2. Open PINGER Lite,3. Choose speed4. Tap to turn it into green button,5. Don't press back button, press home button (minimize).*if want to change speed while playing a game, stop PINGER Lite process using your apps manager.Restart PINGER Lite and turn it back on.The app will be so laggy, because your network is not stable.No problem because PINGER Lite will continue to work to make your network stable again.But, if your network have stable network (ping < 100ms), the app will not lagging.PINGER Lite have 4 speed ping speed.Choose the speed that's make your ping most stable, you need to try several times to find the best speed for you.if its got lagging when play in the mid game, lets try to reset your ip. (OFF INTERNET DATA and ON its again)Troubleshooting (in Mobile Legend): 1. If it still lag, open setting in mobilelegends, set the lowest graphic,2. Disable speed speed,3. If it still lag, change your phone setting. Open settings > network speed > if 4G is used, change it to 3G. If still lag, change it to 2G (EDGE),4. Restart your phone if still not work.Features:- easy to use- small size app, only 3 MB- the setup not confusing, just click and go online.- incredibly low latency- reduce ping latency- made specifically for games like mobilelegends,Moba game, etcAny questions ? Follow instagram @pingerantilag ( pinger anti lag )Note : Ping is a network utility used to test reachability of an IP address or a host. It can measure the packet trip time which is called latency.translate by :
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