Noise Cancellation

Check out my other free app "Sonic Messenger". A messaging app that uses ultrasonic sound to communicate.This app does audio amplification of low audible signal and noise cancellation in real-time. The app allows the operator to design custom ideal filters such as Lowpass, Highpass, Bandpass and Bandstop filter by drawing on the touch screen. You must plugged a headset( or headphone) into the device headset jack. This is a requirement in order for the app to work. The app also amplify your surrounding environment and act as a hearing aid as well.Three Noise Filter Modes:1) Auto: - Removed the frequency with the highest decibel level. - Preset the voice range from 300 hz to 3.5kHz * Will add more preset range in future release.2) Standard - Remove frequency range using bandpass filter.3) Advance -Can remove certain frequencies using the drawing method on the graph. * Note: when this mode is selected, draw the frequency using the touch screen method.Features: Three noise filter methods to choose from Act as a hearing aid by increasing the volume gain level. Has a FFT spectral analyzer graph for displaying frequency. Select-able microphone input. Automatic gain control Permission Required: This app only use the required permissions base on the functionality. We do not collect user data.-MicrophonePlease email: for any questions. Thanks
Price USD 1.49
License Purchase
Version 1.3
Operating System Android
System Requirements None