Control Center ios 11 with iPhone X

This application Control Center ,bring the feeling of using the iPhoneX control center like ios 11,can help you quickly access the quick settings,and in the control center to open your favorite applications.Control Center will be the Apple ios 11 style into the Android inside.Has an layout of iphone,very intuitive to use. This is an ios 11 style, easy-to-use control center designed for Android systems,to meet the needs and preferences on the Android experience iPhone X iOS11 user interface lovers. All in all,the Control Center is a smart tool for mobile apps like the iPhone X iOS 11 Control Center,features Comprehensive with the ios 11 Control Center, it makes your phone look like the iphone 11 new system, which will save you a lot of time.Control Center ios 11--Easy control of mobile phones, one-touch access to cameras, alarm clocks and other functions and applications, easy to adjust the volume, etc.Control Center ios 11--Perfect fit Samsung, Huawei, millet, OPPO and other brand mobile phones. You can experience the convenience of iPhone X handsets on Android phones.Control Center ios 11--Attaches great importance to the user experience, which in the application contains almost no ads.With this app you will have a highly customizable control center that gives you quick access to switch settings such as flight mode, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, flashlight, camera, etc. and launches applications such as IOS settings.How to use the Control Center?1. Open the Control Center application2. Open the button in the page3. EnjoyContact usThis is the first version, so it will have some bugs. You can help find and feedback to us and we will try our best to solve the problem. You can contact us at via the email channel.
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