Fingerprint Lock Screen Prank

Get the best customizable fingerprint lock screen to lock your Android phone and now this free app works like a fingerprint screen locker. You can also fit this lock scanner with your own wallpaper! Your friends will never know the trick and leave them wondering. You can change the number of beeps to unlock the settings screen.Fingerprint Lock Screen Prank is a pretty customizable screen locker that simulates the finger scan to unlock your phone screen. When you press your finger on the fingerprint detector panel, the fingerprint scanner will start to scan your fingerprint and verify the authority. The phone will be unlocked if the validation passes, otherwise the phone screen will still be locked.Trick to Unlock this Fingerprint Lock Screen 1. Click on the Button given on the Top Left Corner of the App and put your Finger on the scanner to scan and Wait for 3-5 Seconds to Unlock.2. You can Show and Hide the Lock & Unlock button given on the `Top Left Corner` to Increase the phone Screen Locker security from setting.3. Once you Hide the Button from the setting, you can Tap on the "Hidden Button" or Blank area on `Top Left corner of the Lock Screen` and can Scan your fingers to Unlock phone.3. In Case you Forget the trick then you can use Keypad Lock Screen Password as an Unlocker optionHow to use: 1. Install this fingerprint lock screen and open it to set up the number of sweep.2. On the lock screen page, press and hold the center lock icon and sweep for 3 seconds (which you set in the first step), the fingerprint lock scanner will imitate the lock, Animation as already recognize your fingerprints and your phone will unlock quickly. If you press more or less than 3 seconds, your phone will always be locked.Characteristics: professional consultant and works with all HD devices. custom theme support by changing the wallpaper screen lock system. realistic fingerprint scanner that simulates fingerprint reader to identify your identity. can be set as a bin on the screen. Display the date and time of the iOS iPhone style lock screen. Several settings like vibrate, sound, time training. Support screen home widget! Long press on your home screen to add the "Fingerprint Lock" widget that will unroll the locker when you click it!Surprise everyone! Fingerprint Lock Prank is the perfect prank to play on friends and family!Real Fingerprint Lock Prank perfectly simulates the real fingerprint lock! It is a fun security tool for those who love practical jokes!Note: This Fingerprint Lock screen Prank is designed for entertainment purposes only. This is prank application.Thank You...
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