Universal TV Remote - TV Remote In Android Phone

Try this amazing app to convert your Android device into a universal TV remote. It allows you to experience a real TV remote-like experience while using the app.Remote Control for All TV converts easily your Android phone into a universal remote control for TV. It's simple and easy to configure and use, the mode of use is exactly the same as Remote Control TV.Remote control for tv is a tool which can replace your physical tv remote. Whenever you can not find your remote or want to fun like fooling your friends than Tv remote control will be there to help you. It is always good and easy to use a single remote control device to control all your electronic equipment.How to Configure Tv Remote Control:- Select TV from Tv List- Select Connection like IP, IR Port or Wifi connection.- Wait for a second until your connection has done successfully.It is always good and easy to use a single Universal remote control device to control all you electronic pieces of equipment. As mobile phone has become a major gadget that people always carry with them, so having an application installed on your mobile device that works as a TV remote control will make your life easier.This free, powerful and efficient universal remote control app will make your life easy. This application is specially designed for the number of TVs. The physical remote controller will be abandoned eventually. Remote Control for TV is a universal remote control which supports almost all kinds of Smart TV Models.In addition, our TV Remote provides comprehensive functions for controlling smart TVs and nice user interface.TV Remote app for all TVs is an IR based Remote TV Control to all TV Brands, which is compatible with more than 95 Brand TV such as Samsung TV, LG TV, Sony TV, Panasonic TV, Sharp TV and more.Remote TV is compatible with more than 95 Tv Brand, it is a universal TV remote control and all in one remote app. This is the only remote TV and TV guide you need. Efficient control All your TV, Now you can control all your different devices with one Remote TV, So Easy to Use, Just put it on your phone or tablet, select your Tv Brands and find Something Good to Watch :) & never Miss Your Favorite Shows or sports game.With Remote TV you can easily customize your theme by selecting your favorite themes and colors. Now you can use your Android mobile or tablet as a remote Tv for your TV.Features:- Power ON / OFF.- AV / TV.- Mute / Un-mute.- Channel Digits buttons.- Channel index and lists.- Volume Up.- Volume Down.- Channel Up.- Channel Down.- Menu Button with up / down and left / right.- Red / Green / Blue / Yellow (Multiple purpose soft keys).Thank You...
Operating System Android