Metal Detector / Metal Sensor

Another user friendly application and upgraded application for android is metal detector. This metal sensor takes low space in your mobile memory. Metal detector is easy to use and simple interface application for android smart phones.Metal detector use the magnetic sensor of you smart phone. Through this magnetic sensor it detects the metal and electromagnetic waves surrounding you. This metal sensor also gives you the reading and intensity of electromagnetic waves. Like 50 µT. µT is micro tasla. Which is its unit and 50 µT is equivalent to 500 mG. Because 10mG = 1 µT.So this reading will decrease if you are near and small distance from metal or waves. And increases when mobile phone is near and low distance form electromagnetic field or metal. On increase and decrease the distance reading will change accordingly.This metal detector also has beep sound which indicated the presence of metal or its field. You may mute its volume from menu. This metal detector not detects the metals like gold, diamond, silver, copper etc which have not electromagnetic field and not sensed by this metal sensor.Any suggestion or idea related to this metal detector and metal sensor will be appreciated. So feel free to contact incase of any query on the email address mentioned below on app account. User feedback is precious for us.
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