Remote for Onkyo / Integra

BETA Tests:, this is one of the first versions of the app, so it still contains bugs and some features are not included!With this app, you can easily and quickly control your Onkyo or Integra AV receiver. The app can also stay connected in the background with your receiver and also allows control over an Android notification.features:- Multiple AV-receivers can be added- Control volume / mute via notifications- Control Spotify etc. via notifications- control bass, treble and center- Sleep timer- Audio, video and device setupPlease send me an e-mail if you have any wishes or problems.These models are compatible (may not all listed):- CR-N555 (Onkyo)- CR-N575D (Onkyo)- CR-N775D (Onkyo)- DHC-60.5 (Integra)- DHC-80.3 (Integra)- DRX-2 (Integra)- DRX-3 (Integra)- DRX-3.1 (Integra)- DRX-4 (Integra)- DRX-5 (Integra)- DRX-7.1 (Integra)- DRX-R1.1 (Integra)- DTR-20.3 (Integra)- DTR-20.4 (Integra)- DTR-30.3 (Integra)- DTR-30.4 (Integra)- DTR-30.5 (Integra)- DTR-30.6 (Integra)- DTR-40.3 (Integra)- DTR-40.4 (Integra)- DTR-40.5 (Integra)- DTR-40.6 (Integra)- DTR-40.7 (Integra)- DTR-50.3 (Integra)- DTR-50.4 (Integra)- DTR-50.5 (Integra)- DTR-50.6 (Integra)- DTR-60.5 (Integra)- DTR-70.3 (Integra)- DTR-70.4 (Integra)- DTR-80.3 (Integra)- HT-L05 (Onkyo)- HT-R693 (Onkyo)- HT-RC460 (Onkyo)- HT-RC550 (Onkyo)- HT-RC560 (Onkyo)- HT-RC660 (Onkyo)- PR-RZ5100 (Onkyo)- PR-SC5508 (Onkyo)- PR-SC5509 (Onkyo)- PR-SC5530 (Onkyo)- R-N855 (Onkyo)- TX-8050 (Onkyo)- TX-8130 (Onkyo)- TX-8140 (Onkyo)- TX-8150 (Onkyo)- TX-8160 (Onkyo)- TX-8250 (Onkyo)- TX-8270 (Onkyo)- TX-L20D (Onkyo)- TX-L50 (Onkyo)- TX-NR1008 (Onkyo)- TX-NR1009 (Onkyo)- TX-NR1009 (Onkyo)- TX-NR1010 (Onkyo)- TX-NR3007 (Onkyo)- TX-NR3008 (Onkyo)- TX-NR3009 (Onkyo)- TX-NR3010 (Onkyo)- TX-NR3030 (Onkyo)- TX-NR414 (Onkyo)- TX-NR474 (Onkyo)- TX-NR5007 (Onkyo)- TX-NR5008 (Onkyo)- TX-NR5009 (Onkyo)- TX-NR5010 (Onkyo)- TX-NR509 (Onkyo)- TX-NR515 (Onkyo)- TX-NR525 (Onkyo)- TX-NR535 (Onkyo)- TX-NR545 (Onkyo)- TX-NR555 (Onkyo)- TX-NR575 (Onkyo)- TX-NR575E (Onkyo)- TX-NR579 (Onkyo)- TX-NR609 (Onkyo)- TX-NR616 (Onkyo)- TX-NR626 (Onkyo)- TX-NR636 (Onkyo)- TX-NR646 (Onkyo)- TX-NR656 (Onkyo)- TX-NR676 (Onkyo)- TX-NR676E (Onkyo)- TX-NR709 (Onkyo)- TX-NR717 (Onkyo)- TX-NR727 (Onkyo)- TX-NR737 (Onkyo)- TX-NR747 (Onkyo)- TX-NR757 (Onkyo)- TX-NR807 (Onkyo)- TX-NR808 (Onkyo)- TX-NR809 (Onkyo)- TX-NR818 (Onkyo)- TX-NR828 (Onkyo)- TX-NR838 (Onkyo)- TX-NR905 (Onkyo)- TX-NR906 (Onkyo)- TX-NR929 (Onkyo)- TX-RZ1100 (Onkyo)- TX-RZ3100 (Onkyo)- TX-RZ610 (Onkyo)- TX-RZ710 (Onkyo)- TX-RZ720 (Onkyo)- TX-RZ800 (Onkyo)- TX-RZ810 (Onkyo)- TX-RZ820 (Onkyo)- TX-RZ900 (Onkyo)The app connects with the ISCP protocol over TCP port 10128 and may also be compatible with Pioneer devices.
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 1.0.J
Operating System Android
System Requirements None