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Mytravo will help you to calculate your material needs to improve, self building, DIY, construction (painting, concrete, walls, fences, ...) your home or flat, to manage your shopping lists according to your needs and you can use our products repository (+10 000). Tools are also available to help you carry out your work (torch lamp, rule, bubble level, etc.).With Mytravo you have the solution to help you in all your works (home improvers, self-builders, handyman and craftman). Works :Several works are already present and allow you to save time and well identify your needs and costs projects, list of the first works available right now :Paint, Wallpaper, Concrete, Mortar, Parquet, Tiles, Laminate floor, Terrace, Cooker hood, Room heating, Asphalt, Aerator, Plants / Trees, Paved, Air Conditionner, Stairs, Carpet, Excavation, Block wall, Brick Wall, Framework plaster/gypsum BA13, etc.Other works are added regularly, if you have any needs or want to propose improvements, don't hesitate to contact us at contact@mytravo.frUsing the application to calculate your needs doesn't need to be connected to the Internet.After you have completed your calculations, you can add your needs to lists to help you manage your budget and the necessary equipment. Lists of materials :You can manage several lists as you wish according to the phases, lots, parts of your works that you are a particular, artisan, contractors, ...Each list allows you to describe all the products / articles needed for your work, whether it is based on our product repository or manually creating the ones you need.Obviously, you indicate the quantity and the price associated and automatically your budget is calculated. Tools :You have a rule that you can calibrate according to your mobile to always have your rule with you and the torch light in one click, a bubble level is also available.For more information, do not hesitate to visit our website or to contact us at contact@mytravo.frWorks features : * Paint Material Estimate * Wallpaper Material Estimate * Concrete Material Estimate * Mortar Material Estimate * Parquet Material Estimate * Tiles Material Estimate * Laminate floor Material Estimate * Cooker hood Material Estimate * Room heating Material Estimate * Asphalt Material Estimate * Aerator Material Estimate * Plants / Trees Estimate * Paved Material Estimate * Air conditioner Material Estimate * Stairs Material Estimate * Carpet Material Estimate * Excavation Material Estimate * Block wall Material Estimate * Block wall Material Estimate * Brick wall Material Estimate * Framework plaster/gypsum BA13 Material Estimate * Rectangle, spheric and cylindrer volume * Roof Material Estimate * Metal, wood and concrete weight * Wood stere to square cube
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