Ruler app & measuring tape inches + centimeters

0 Ruler app & measuring tape inches + centimeters is an intelligent application by slide rule you can precisely measure the dimensions of any object or metal ruler measuring tape length app item. Doesn't matter the slide rule object has a few millimeters (inches) or a few hundred meters (or feet) by using this centimeter Ruler app & measuring tape inches + centimeters you can easily and precisely check the length, width or scale ruler height of any item or object. It's the perfect scale ruler tool for any DIY projects or renovations!> This pocket triangle Ruler app & measuring tape inches + centimeters offers 3 modes of measurement:> centimeter Ruler on the screen (Screen mm Ruler) - measure objects placed on the screen of the phone or tablet> Camera Mode (Photo cm Ruler) - take a picture of objects you want like measuring tape app to measure and then using the reference object, you can measure the size of all the slide rule objects in the picture> Picture Mode Gallery - Select an image saved on the device (or memory card) and metal ruler make measurements of slide rule objects placed on it, using a method from Ruler app & measuring tape inches + centimeters photo mode.Features of application triangle Ruler app & measuring tape inches + centimeters (Settings):> Choice of units: Metric (millimeters, centimeters, meters) or imperial (inches, feet)> Determining the accuracy and precision of measurements> Additional calibration millimeter ruler (measuring tape app)> Choice a ready reference object (credit card, coins, card A4, etc) or slide rule define own reference object (do it yourself)> Magnifier - zoom the image to millimeter ruler increase the precision of the measurements> Saving and sending the measurement resultsHow to use:Ruler app & measuring tape inches + centimeters mode on the screen:> Place the object on the engineering scale smartphone screen> Align the lines on the screen to metal ruler the edge of object> Read the length or width of the measuring tape app measured object.Warning: in this mode, some devices require calibration, follow the instructions to make sure that you get the correct measurements.Camera Mode (Foto mm Ruler) + mode image from gallery> Take a photo (or select from the gallery) measured object and the reference object whose you know the dimensions (objects should be in the slide rule & same plane)> Place the blue arrows (reference) on the reference object> Add measurement arrows (by metal ruler measuring tape app) and set them on the measured object> Read the dimensions> Send or save the metal ruler image with measurementsDIY centimeter Ruler app & measuring tape inches + centimeters. can be successfully used in repair work, construction, design and other works of engineering or any measurement of scale ruler distance, length or height of any objects.Successful measure!
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