*** This app is NOT the actual game! It is simply a helper app FOR the game! ***Are you tired of having to hide your notepad from your friends and family? Have you had to fire up the copy machine because you're down to your last notepad? Tired of using this tree-killing stuff called "paper?"Well, this app is for you!This companion app for the board game Clue/Cluedo can replace your paper detective notes.FEATURES:- Keep track of your notes with several different icon options.- Customize the app's look with 12 different themes.- Supports several different versions of Clue/Cluedo, including:Clue (US),Cluedo (UK),Doctor Who Clue,Cluedo Sherlock Edition- If your version of clue is not supported, you can create and customize your own version.If you find any bugs, have any questions or complaints, or would like a specific game version to be supported by default, please email us.
Operating System Android