Affect Nexus makes use of advanced emotive detection to find emotions in text. Guided by state-of-the-art principles, Affect Nexus includes technologies aimed to improve your life.- Find the strongest 5 emotions (if any)- Process 300 Characters at a time- Recognize 400 emotionsThis technology processes and analyzes textual information like a short post or parts of a conversation. Textual emotion recognition is simple with Affect Nexus.Affect Nexus helps:- Improve emotional intelligence- Identify emotions in short messages- Gain another opinion/view on emotional contentA psychological concept called an affect describes the experience of an emotion. Text has affective hints about its emotional qualities. Affect Nexus discovers emotions based on affects in text. Affect Nexus is a tool which uses natural language processing and affective computing techniques.Types of text Affect Nexus analyzes include:- Text Messages- Social Media Posts- Short poems, songs, lyrics, and stories- Conversation snippets- And more!
Operating System Android