Fake Call from CHUCKY pro

your friends and your family call from CHUCKY DOLL-amazing application Fake call from CHUCKY DOLL Prank 2018 lets you having the chance to have fun and joy with your friends fellas and also your fake CHUCKY DOLL prank call it from family . so it's an application that offer you some funny time instead of boring time and to get all that all you have to do is calling them and fool them and let the comedy begin and start painting smile on the faces.. Killer Clown fake call from CHUCKY DOLL killer prank gives you many options like sharing calls with friends and change your voice during the fake calls because it has an recorder that record every fake call you made it .ake Call From CHUCKY DOLL Prank Vedio there is nothing better than having the chance to prank and fool your friends and your family call from CHUCKY DOLL prank members , that's why we create the solution who gives you that opportunity to make that happen by an easy way,fonctionnalites:- Grande comme un jeu.- Pleine utilisation gratuitement.- facile a utiliser.- film CHUCKY DOLL 2018- Simuler de faux appels entrants de Scary Girl, squelettes ou le capot fantome.- Images et sons effrayants.- Cris, de rire et rugissant.- Sonnerie de telephone.- Delai d'attente par secondes.- Options pour rejeter ou d'accepter l'appel.- Voix reelle peut etre ajoute
Operating System Android