VBE K2 Advanced Ghost Box Meter

This app measures the UT fields around your device. Default this app is set at typical 2.5 - 20+ UT fields to detect via LED and Proximity Beep. The User can adjust both the fields and when the LEDS Illuminate. As soon as you start this app. You are ready to investigate. This app does not detect vibrations. So you can use it while walking and for stationary investigations. TESTING:1) Simply place near any metallic object to create a ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELD. ( EMF ) If no Detection. Place near a speaker or magnet to create a Electromagnetic field. 2) Slowly move towards and away from the object with your device. You will notice the Proximity beep speeds up as you get close and slows down as you move away. Features:1) Auto set and ready to detect2) Default standard UT Field Settings ( At start and Reset )3) Fully adjustable values for the user ( 0 - 99 )4) Battery Monitor ( Detects a drain of power from the battery during an investigation )5) Reversed Looped audio track ( No Languages ) GHOST BOX MODE6) TEST button ( Use for weak spirits after asking a question7) Proximity Beep ( Audible sound for distance to EMF source )8) GHOST BOX MODE ( Reversed looped audio for spirits to use and manipulate )9) Time of day ( AM - PM )10) VOLUME CONTROL ( PROXIMITY versus Volume ) Closer = louder / Further away = quieter
Price USD 4.99
License Purchase
Version 3
Operating System Android
System Requirements None