The Gateway Ghost Hunting App

This app goes beyond anything we have created before. There is 16 Main apps for communications and 3 external apps within the main app. Communication apps ( Stationary mode )1) GHOST WORDS - Word selection by EMF input2) TAROT Cards - Feeling and common answer card selection by EMF3) Crystal Ball - Common answers to questions EMF controlled4) MYSTIC COMPASS - Answers , Letters and numbers. EMF Controlled5) EMF PIANO - Piano controlled by EMF Values6) EMF Guitar - Guitar sounds controlled by EMF Values7) EMF DRUMS - Drum sounds controlled by EMF Values8) VOICE TONE CONTROL - Ghost box with Group / Male / Female tones. GEO activated.9) WAR SOUNDS - Audio Trigger Objects 01 controlled by EMF Values10) EMF ART BOARD - An ART BOARD controlled by EMF Values11) CURSIVE PAD - A signature pad controlled by EMF Values12) TOY SOUNDS - Toy and school sounds controlled by EMF Values13) VERIFICATION GAME - Card Matching controlled by EMF Values14) STATIC AUDIO - Interference controlled by EMF Values15) TRUST BOX - Ghost box controlled by EMF, GEO and User push button control16) HAUNTED LOCATIONS - Group shared Haunted Location links and imagesExtra Features for precise Investigations:1) EMF Calibrations Manual and AUTO2) GEO Calibrations Manual and AUTO3) Battery Monitor - Monitors Battery drain for abnormal reductions in power4) Compass Sensor location marker5) Built in Screen Shot Function6) AUTO CONFIGURATION - Auto calibrates your device for your current location7) AUTO MODE SWITCH - Pick up for WALK MODE8) Haunted Times - Alert for Haunted timesWALK MODE:1) UT EMF METER - Top - Reads common UT values and displays high values2) EMF Radar - Displays current EMF Data in ORB Form3) EMF PULL X - VBE ORIGINAL - Tells you the direction of a magnetic pull4) COMPASS - Normal Compass to tell direction 5) Camera - Short cut to your camera app6) Video - Short cut to your video camera app7) Flashlight - Short cut to your Flashlight app ( Does not work on all devices )8) Screen Shot function9) BEEP AUDIO PROXIMITY - Choose between a beep or the GHOST BOX AUDIO10) HOLD - Hold Walk Mode for a typical K2 style Meter RECENTLY ADDED:1) EVP RECORDER - Records the audio of your investigationThere is a ton of features within each and every app. An example would be the GHOST WORDS app, has the ability to import their own Names and Words list in their own language. Please visit our group to read the entire manual. FULL OWNER'S MANUAL and Features at: to buying any of our apps. Please test your device first. This app Requires a COMPASS SENSOR and a Accelerometer Sensor. LINK: your device passes the app above. Please test the device again with this app. If you notice lag or this app crashes. Your device will not be able to handle this GATEWAY app.LINK: If you have any Questions or would like more information. Please visit our website and ask your questions or request more information. We will be happy to help you. LINK: you, for your support...
Price USD 39.99
License Purchase
Version 7
Operating System Android
System Requirements None