Vbe Auto Evp Recorder

Sensor and User Controlled EVP recording for your InvestigationThis device is designed so that it can be used for both a LIVE investigation and a Monitor Style Investigation, where the Device is left alone to monitor and record a location. Using your Devices Accelerometer Sensor and it's Compass Sensor. This app monitors all readings above Zero. Any Reading above, while in AUTO MODE, will record the corresponding audio. If the Anomaly is consistent. A value of 1 second per second or 1 second per 1/3 second, will be added to the countdown timer. EMF's provide 1 second while GEO provides 3 seconds for Vibrations. This allows for a simply Pass by, Bump or Footstep to be recorded. The remaining time is for the fade away of the anomaly. Thus, you will be able to get not only the initial sound, but also any sound that no longer is effecting the application.Features:1) Normal EVP Recording Function = User Starts and Stops2) EMF Auto Mode Recording Function = Spirit 3) GEO Auto Mode Recording Function = Spirit4) DUAL Auto Mode Recording Function = Spirit5) EMF Detection = Electromagnetic Field6) GEO Detection = Vibration7) AUTO Recording = Triggered by Sensors8) AUTO STOP = Triggered by spirit no longer using it9) AUTO TIMER = Bumped, Vibration short, etc...10) PLAY LAST = Plays the Last Recording for quick review11) STOP ALL = Stops Recording and overrides Auto Modes.12) Color Selection = Great for Night hunting with cameras13) Folder Specific File Creation = As Stated14) OGG format for Clarity = Clean and easy to enhance15) ON SCREEN HELP = Information on how to use this app16) ON SCREEN FILE INFO = Save directory info17) EMF Threshold INFO = EMF Detection Info18) GEO Threshold INFO = GEO Detection Info19) TIME = Current Time20) Timer = Count Down timer for SpiritWe have a support group, for each and everyone of our VBE INC apps. Members are available everyday. If you need any help, regardless of where you live in the world. Help is available. GROUP: https://www.facebook.com/groups/VBEINC/SITE: https://rickyvb3.wixsite.com/vbeincThank you for your continued support...
Price USD 4.99
License Purchase
Version 5
Operating System Android
System Requirements None