Piping Fabrication and Welding Pro

Tools, Calculators, Checklists etc. related to Piping Fabrication and Welding.1. Fabrication Calculators a. Elbow center calculator. b. Hydrotest water volume calculator. c. Custom degree elbow cutting calculator. d. Rolling offset calculator.2. Fitters calculator with trigonometric functions as well as directly input dimensions of standard piping fittings.3. Piping fitting dimensions.4. Welding preheat temperature chart as per ASME B31.35. Electrode Selection table.6. Welding related checklists such as : a. Weld inspection. b. Application, installation and operation of Arc Welding and Cutting Equipment. c. Welding safety checklist. d, Acetylene Generators. f. Installation and operation of resistance welding equipment. g. Fire prevention and protection. h. Protection of personnel.7. Standards lists. a. Welding standards. b. ASME B31 Codes. c. ASME Dimensional Standards. d. MSS Dimensional Standards. e. ASTM Materials for pipes. f. ASTM Materials for BW Fittings. g. ASTM Materials for Forgings. h. ASTM Materials for Castings. i. ASTM Materials for Plates.8. Photo Gallery.9. Piping Symbols. a. Isometric Symbols. b. Welding Symbols.10. Online Articles11. Software Shortcuts a. Autocad b. Microstation. c.PDMS d. Word e. Excel12. Piping Quizzes related to welding.13. Welding QA for interview.14. Welding related video list from youtube.15. Task Manager.
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