Cpu Phone Cooler 2018

Smart device cooler is a Professional temperature monitoring and controlling app that reduces your CPU usage and cool down phone. Cpu cooler master overcomes the common heating problem of android phones and cool down phone.Cpu cooler and protect to hang mobile helps to detect temperature, and control the extra usage of apps, producing heat that make your phone slow. Phone Cooler Close the heavy resources apps, reduce CPU usage, CPU Cool Down and lower phone temperature. Improve and enhance overall performance of your device and keep your device performance optimal with best Cpu cooler.Device cooler & Cpu cooler cool works in a perfect manner, clean your cache memory, Clean RAM free up RAM, boost your memory. Provide real time temperature monitoring and protection, optimize its speed, over heat prevention and cooling android phone with CPU Cooler. CPU Cooler & heat minimization algorithm is very highly effective to reduce CPU usage which ensures long battery life. CPU Cooler is also available for tablet version.Battery cooler Extra feature of CPU Cooler Master is solve battery problems with battery saver mode and extend your battery life with phone cooler and CPU Cooler. Basically Cpu Cooler pause and kill background process that make phone slow.Invention of smart phone is a miracle of Modern age. Today mobile phone become a part of life. We & you often busy with our mobile and remain in touch with our friends, lovers and colleagues due to various social applications or otherwise busy in watching movies / videos and Playing games.It is a temperature monitoring and controlling app that auto detect power consuming apps. Its auto detect function close down such cpu phone cooler app which are using heavy battery resources ( Power ) and cool down the device temperature. It is an energy saver / battery saver which boost up battery life. It may also called a cooler master. It has inbuilt sensor which automatically detect overheating apps close them down and to reduce CPU usage to lower phone temperature.Our cooling app for android phones is designed to be simple, user-friendly to easily cool down CPU system. CPU Cooler also act as battery saver, power saver, battery cooler, charger cooler and power booster.Cpu cooler 2018 Features:Real-Time Device Temperature MonitoringMonitors your smartphone temperature in real time, so you can see the change from moment to moment. When the temperature is high, cpu cooler and protect to hang mobile will alert you.Dynamic Overheating App DetectionAnalyzes CPU usage dynamically, and detects applications that are over using CPU to determine the cause for phone overheating.One Tap to Cool DownAllow you to close overheating apps with one tap to reduce CPU usage & cool down your smartphoneIgnore List addedApps added in ignore list to prevent from cooler process
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