TL - resource loader for Terraria, which allows:1. Replace all of the resources of the game on their own and at any time, enable / disable them.2. Use the cheat panel with many functions during games3. Load packs (set of textures) from other developers and easily create your own.4. See useful information about the game in the embedded directory.5. Edit the characters inventory.In honor of the new year we are releasing a major update for the demo TL. You can sample some of the functions launcher, and we - to identify existing bugs and to raise funds for further development. After the release of 1.3 will be released full version demo purchased will receive a discount on it.It is important to note that this app is not an official app by 505 Games Srl games developers. All rights belong to Terraria 505 Games Srl.* The program requires the official client terrarium on android.We remind you that the beta version is needed to identify all bugs and raise funds for the development of a stable release. Instead, the charges would be useful to see from you detailed reports about the found bugs (video, screenshots, descriptions), this in the section "About" added a special button "Report an Error".
Operating System Android