MC50 Programmable Calculator

Features of MasterCalc MC50:All the features of the free version (MasterCalc MC40), are included.For more information please see the application MasterCalc MC40.Currently the differences between the two calculators are:-No Advertisements.-Programmable Calculator:You can create and store your own programs, that can be shared with other devices. Program commands are easy to enter to implement algorithms with loops, conditional tests etc.-Includes structured programming.-Input Methods:Algebraic and Entry RPN ( Reverse Polish Notation ).-Copy, cut and paste edit functions-Built-in "sample" programs (examples) ready to use and customize (edit).-You can save the user's guide as an external file in your device memory.-Customized Keys.-You can import formulas,functions and constants stored in the model MC40.-Backup of all the user formulas, variables, functions and constants.
Price USD 1.49
License Purchase
Version 2.31
Operating System Android
System Requirements None