Fazilet Takvimi Pro

Fazilet Publications and Trade Inc. has been in the sector of publication since 1969 and aims to give service in Turkey and all across the world.One of the significant publications of Fazilet, the calendar is presented every year anew with the most important works being analysed and the most crucial pieces of information chosen out. And to make those information available and beneficial in any time needed the calendar is issued on our internet page and through mobile devices.The software and design in Fazilet Calendar application have been completely updated and new features have been added. The features of the calendar can be used in one page.Two different theme features have been added."Automatic location finder through GPS" and "downloading Salah times" have been added. You are required to allow this feature from location settings to activate it. Once you open the application, you can download times depending on your location. After selecting your country and city, it will remain fixed until you change the setting. Furthermore, you can select more than one city in your list and shift among the selected cities. After having been downloaded, all data in the application function locally.Display of Ayat al Kareema and Hadith Shareefs in Arabic text have been enabled in Turkish, English and Indonesian. Other languages will follow in the next editions.The following features have been added: This day in history (limited to the Turkish version), Multiple language choice, compass and Salah times notification bar.Important info section is shown in the application which is linked to the web site Fazilettakvimi.com.You can access any back pages, Hadith Shareef and Salah times by going to any specific dates among the calendar data.Back page texts are updated every year.Daily quotes (Ayat al Kareema and Hadith Shareef) are updated every year.All Salah times, including 204 countries and nearly 4000 cities and towns have been updated in the website, Fazilettakvimi.com.All salah times are displayed. "Alarm for Salah times" have been activated. "Quick access to widgets" is added.The application will continue to develop in light of your suggestions and critics. Please do not hesitate to share your views. Below are Our email addresses:android@fazilettakvimi.comiphone@fazilettakvimi.com
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Version 4.0.1
Operating System Android
System Requirements None