Universal Set Top Box PRO

Universal Set Top Box PRO General Considerations** No ADS *** For now, the App only Works on devices that have na infrared (IR) emitter. Soon in equipment with WI-FI communication.* Some devices with infrared may not be compatible with this App.* The App was idealized to control the greatest number of receptors possible (set top box) and as a bonus, the control of other devices like TV, DVD, Blu-Ray, air-conditioner, etc.* If your TV or other equipment does not work with this App, please send us the brand and model number of it through our feedback on the menu option of the App.Control STB Brands: Sky Directv, Tivo, AZbox, AZamerica, Duosat, Motorola, Xfinity, Samsung, Insignia, Sony, Philips, Philco, Technicolor, Comcast, Arris, Airtel, Changhong, Cisco, DigitalBox, Echostar Europe, Elsys, Google, Huewei, My Sky, Net Digital, Pace, Realiance, Skybox, Sun Direct, Zinwell, etc.How to use the App* The App has a horizontal bar at the top with a white background where there are the added devices, which can be accessed by clicking on the device you wish to use. On the same bar, there is a plus (+) sign where you can add a new equipment.* To change, remove, or rename the device on this bar, click and hold on top of the device you wish to alter.* The first device (STB) is a special device of the system and is charecterized with the golden letters. This device had special options such as: turning on/off all of the devices registered simultaneously, controlling the volume of itself (if there is one) or of other linked device (TV or Home Theater), as well as accessing the inputs (HDMI, AV, VGA, etc) of this device in a discreet way. This main device can't be deleted, if the user would like to control another set top box, all you have to do is add it to the control bar.* When you press and hold the volume up or volume down button or mute button on the main device (STB), the App alternates the volume access between the linked devices.App Menu* The App menu provides among other things: updating the controls database and setting up some preferences such as vibration and lockscreen.* In order to update the database, the user must choose the type of device he wishes to update, then click on "NEXT" and wait for the server to synchronize. The update may take a few minutes depending on the size of the archive that is being downloaded. We recomend the you device stays connected to the internet throguh Wi-Fi to complete the update.* In the general configurations, the user can desable the vibration function (vibrates when clicking any button) and the function of the lockscreen (which keeps the control accessible even when your cellphone is blocked).* In the Feedback, the user can Interact with the developer by sending in suggestions, reporting a problem or requesting an addition of a model to control that hasn't been presente in the App yet. In this option, it is very importante that the user puts his e-mail address correctly so that we can answer back as soon as the requested control is available in our server. It is also important that you specify the model number and brand of the appliance that you wish to obtain.* If you use our App and have some time to qualify us, access "MOTIVATE US" and help us with your qualification. It is very important that we can improve even more our services. The more positive qualifications (5 stars) we have, the more we will be motivated to inovate and add even more functions to our App which soon will have home automation options.
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