Pool Monitor: Ethereum ETH Mining Monitoring

Miners, you finally have a reliable & advanced mining pool monitor app that lets you add multiple pools, accounts & set alarm notifications in one app. This Ethereum mining pool monitor app can be of enormous help for monitoring your mining statistics on Ethermine, Ethpool and Nanopool.Excellent & neatly designed ethereum mining monitor tool for multiple pools.It supports every coin types (ethereum [eth] + 5 others) within the mining pools.Enables you to watch hashrates, workers, balance and payouts.Set alarms and get real-time notifications for significant events.MONITOR & ANALYZE YOUR STATISTICSAdd your accounts in a glance. After setup, monitoring your miners is very easy. Whenever you want you can get mining statistics and analyze your data. The versatile selection of monitoring pools makes it one of the most feature-rich and versatile ethereum mining pool monitoring apps. Enjoy & get notifications only of important events or browse crypto mining statistics of your account on our 3 supported pools.FEATURES ON THE POOL MONITOR APP INCLUDE:Multipools monitoringBackground pool monitoringCrypto mining setup overviewWorkers overview (mining statistics)Payments overview (mining statistics)Estimated earnings (precalculation)Customizable alarms and notificationsSUPPORTED POOLS & CRYPTOCURRENCIES LISTEthermine- Ethereum (ETH) (ethermine.org)- Ethereum Classic (ETC) (etc.ethermine.org)- ZCASH (ZEC) (zcash.flypool.org)Ethpool- Ethereum (ETC) (ethpool.org)Nanopool- Ethereum (ETH) (eth.nanopool.org)- Ethereum Classic (ETC) (etc.nanopool.org)- SiaCoin (SIA) (sia.nanopool.org)- ZCASH (ZEC) (zec.nanopool.org)- Monero (XMR) (xmr.nanopool.org)- Pascal (PASC) (pasc.nanopool.org)- Electroneum (ETN) (etn.nanopool.org)--------------THE SIMPLEST - YET MOST VERSATILE & RELIABLE CRYPTO MONITORING TOOLWe created Pool Monitoring to be dead-simple to use. Our initial tests and reviews showed that not only we achieved that, but our monitor app is one of the most versatile & reliable pool monitoring apps currently available. However, if you have any issues with the app contact us and we will immediately reply and fix it.------Analyzing your crypto mining statistics has never been easier!Watch your mining statistics with a free pool monitoring app.Download NOW!
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