Spektrum AirWare iX12

For full details on the latest enhancements and bug fixes, see the full change log at SpektrumRC (http://spektrumrc.com/MyAccount/)The Spektrum AirWare application provides a modern and intuitive method of programming your Spektrum iX12 transmitter. Using the touch screen interface, you can easily setup new models, monitor real-time telemetry data, manage your fleet of aircraft, and more. The application combines the sophistication of Generation 2 Spektrum aircraft programming and the intuitiveness of a full-color touch screen display, making programming your iX12 transmitter more intuitive and convenient than ever. The Spektrum AirWare app unlocks the programming capabilities of your iX12 transmitter and provides the following programming options:Aircraft Type SelectionWing Type SelectionTail Type SelectionServo SetupThrottle CutThrottle CurveMixingSequencerCustomer Voice SetupTelemetryExpoImport model image.......and much more
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 1.01.03
Operating System Android
System Requirements None