Fingerprint Action Pro

Fingerprint Action Pro lets you to control your device with Simple Gestures on the Fingerprint Sensor of your device.Important : Many Stock and Custom ROM's have disabled the Fingerprint Gestures API. This app will not work on such ROM's. For eg. Some OnePlus devices have disabled this API.Fingerprint Gestures Supported :- Swipe Up- Swipe Left- Swipe Down- Swipe Right- Double Swipe Up- Double Swipe Left- Double Swipe Down- Double Swipe RightActions Supported : 27 Actions- Toggle Notification- Launch App- Scroll Screen Up- Scroll Screen Down- Back- Home- Show Recent Apps- Open Google Assistant- Open Notification Panel- Play/Pause Song- Previous Song- Next Song- Show Power Dialog- Toggle Split Screen- Show Quick Settings- Swipe Screen Left- Swipe Screen Right- Swipe Screen Up- Swipe Screen Down- Toggle Flashlight- Brightness +- Brightness -- Audio +- Audio -- Toggle Auto Brightness- Maximum Brightness- Minimum BrightnessSupport thread : app is currently under development and is a beta release. Rate the app positively to show support. If you find issues please write in the XDA thread or email at, instead of rating the app negatively. Enjoy :)
Operating System Android