Phone Booster is a unification of Speed Booster, Fast Charging and Network Scanning. The application can immediately optimize the performance of your phone and making your battery last longer. When your device connect to the charger the app will automatically activate and it will boost your charging speed up to 20-40% by stopping some applications running under background. Phone Booster scans. The application scans the devices that in the LAN and identifies which devices are prone to infiltrate your device for advice.Application FeaturesInterface- Shows how long will the battery last.- Includes 3 external charging functions.- Shows volume, CPU, RAM,temperature and battery performance.- Includes easy-to-use shortcuts.Speed Booster- Optimize and speed up your Android device with just 1 tap.- Scan your phone for cache and junk files.- Stops the applications that running under background.Fast Charging- Automatically activate when the device connected to the charge.- Optimize charging progress, reduce the charging time of the device.Network Scanning- Scans and detect potentially hazardous devices and give advice- Pings and shows how fast that network is on your device.- Tests your Wifi speed.- Shows the amount of data used.- Shows the performance of the CPU, RAM, and speed of the network as a graph.SUPPORTSend us an email if have some problems with the Phone BoosterGmail:
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