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Service provides encryption of traffic, which ensures the security of the data you transmit through public networks, such as public Wi-Fi. Your provider cannot track or restrict your online activity. All resources you visit (websites, social media, etc.) will seeIP addresses of our VPN servers instead of your IP.IntelliVPN gives you access to ultra fast VPN servers in over 20+ regions around the world.Why IntelliVPN? Bank-level encryption (AES-256)IntelliVPN uses a 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard algorithm that ensures your personal data protection. It is impossible to tap your data; hackers or fraudsters have no chance to access it.It is of primary importance when using public Wi-Fi access points in airports and metro, cafes and restaurants, hotels and malls or in other potentially dangerous networks. Absolute anonymity in the InternetIntelliVPN hides your actions and location from service providers, website administrators, search engines, and fraudsters.All of them see the IP-address of our server instead of your personal one. That makes it impossible to detect your actual location and name of your Internet provider based on IP. No restrictionsIntelliVPN has no restrictions on the speed or volume of transmitted data.Communicate in social networks, listen to music and watch films and series without being concerned about Internet traffic. Unlimited access to any contentIntelliVPN opens access to websites, services and applications that are blocked in your region.Stay in touch with your family and friends, watch your favorite series and films and listen to music - even when you are far away from home. Access to Tor networkIntelliVPN provides the access to Tor network and transparent access to .onion sites without the need for use of specialized browsers. No records of your activityWe do not collect and store information about the social networks and services you use, websites you visit, files you transmit, and your other actions on the Internet. 24/7 Support ServiceIntelliVPN experts are online 24 hours a day 7 days a week and are ready to assist in solving any of your problems.-------If you have any problems, questions or recommendations, please send an e-mail to or send a chat message from the application.Follow us: - Twitter:
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License Free
Operating System Android
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