This project is an android port of the emoji4j which is a java library to convert short codes, html entities to emojis and vice-versa. Also supports parsing emoticons, surrogate html entities.Inspired by vdurmont/emoji-java, emoji4j adds more goodies and helpers to deal with emojis. The emoji data is based on the database from github/gemoji and ASCII emoticons data from wooorm/emoticon.Why would you want to use this library? Got a social application but you need someway of having emoji support? Then this library is for you, all your backend stores is the html entities. Your client application would have to convert all emoji objects in a given string and transmit that to your server. When the client request status or blog text it has to convert the html entities to emoji objects which your android operating system will resolve.This project is already being used in AniTrend
Operating System Android


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