CPU Booster : Charge-Battery Temperature & Cleaner

CPU Booster : Charge - Battery Temperature & Cleaner can boost your phone to make phone faster, optimize your phone storage from running processes and ram usage, clean cache and junk file, save your battery by changing time remaining, making it the best cache cleaner, memory booster, CPU Booster : Charge - Battery Temperature & Cleaner will safe your phone and keeps your Android device new.CPU Booster : Charge - Battery Temperature & Cleaner is a best application of speed booster, trash cleaner and battery saver app, optimizes your storage phone, with different mode of optimization, junk cleaner system from and junk file.CPU Booster : Charge - Battery Temperature & Cleaner category:>Charge Booster: It will provide a Smart Charge for your device, with a display charge status in real time, optimize storage from a running processes and ram usage found in storage, accurately estimating remaining charge time.>Battery Saver Simple click in battery saver, battery Optimizer or battery saver, and battery saver will start to save power, with a different mode of optimization, look for a normal mode and fix battery power consumption problems, ultra-power saving effectively clean up the power consuming application to help you optimize the battery health. Extreme power saving optimize maximum battery power.>CPU Cooler:It's a Smart Cooler or a Phone Cooler, CPU Temperature Control CPU temperature detection app. It will check all the operations of your application that contain the CPU, to minimize CPU utilization and cool down your device. An original technology to found which apps contain the background and the user of your CPU.>Junk cleaner:Junk cleaner is designed to delete junks, reclaiming and optimizing the performance on your Android phone. With this app user can speed RAM, remove and clean system junk, residual files a temporary files and cache memory, Clean up the storage by deleting junk files to free your memory space and be sure it will this feature will help also for saving battery.If you are looking for a cleaner for your phone, CPU Booster : Charge - Battery Temperature & Cleaner is the best choose.
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