Droidbug Exploiting PRO

Droidbug Exploiting is the unique APP for Android that contains all you need for starting in exploiting developer.Offers a big complete colection of tools, apps and manuals compatible with Linux/Windows/Mac/Android/Iphone.The sections you can fin, are:- General Exploits: - Remote - Local - Web - Hardware - DOS- Exploiting tools for Linux/Windows - OllyDbg - Mona.py - BinNavi - dnSpy - etc...- Shellcodes: - Windows - Linux - MacOS - IOS - Redhat - etc...- Fuzzers- Rss Feeds- Root CheckerThe Downloadable software of this application is oriented on purpose for analysis in a controlled and isolated systems from sensitive information. We are not responsables for the bad use of this application. We recommend have a controlled use.*** ROOT is no required*** Compatible Android versions: 2.x, 3.x, 4.x, 5.x y 6.x
Operating System Android