Fast Charge - Fast Battery Charger & Battery Saver

Fast Charge - Fast Battery Charger & Battery Saver is a free battery charging application that helps to kill all the background processes with just one clickFast Charge - Fast Battery Charger & Battery Saver charge smartphones very fast and in few minutes than before. Fast battery charger to charge 30-50% and your mobile phone charged fully in 30-50 minutesFast Charge - Fast Battery Charger & Battery Saver helps you digitize all the services that consume the phone's battery, including Bluetooth, GPS, wifi, mobile data, high screen brightness, display time, and so onFast Charge - Fast Battery Charger & Battery Saver helps you close all services consuming battery on one screen. It further contains battery health diagnostics to further checks battery health and finds battery health statusFast Charge - Fast Battery Charger & Battery Saver not only improves charging time but also extends your battery time. To keep running fast charging in background press 'home' button.We know that smartphones are very important in our everyday tasks and in our life in general, and the batteries are more important because we can not use our Smartphone or our tablets if the battery is very low and that is why we have created our Smart Save Battery App to help you do that Fast Charge - Fast Battery Charger & Battery Saver is very easy to use and there is no complex process. Just download and install it from Play Store for Free on your android Smartphone or tablet. Tap the optimize button and we will take care of the rest. It's all Once you install our app you will benefit from our fast and smart charging feature that will help your phone to be charged super fast. You will see a big difference between charging your phone with and without Fast Battery Charger We guarantee that you will get at least 50% more of battery life with our app. It was developed by android specialists and they implemented the latest technologies to help you to get more battery life Your battery is running out of energy super fast ? Want to have better battery performance? Our app helps you to increase battery life and have better battery performance Detailed battery information within the main screen of the app. You will be able to see the percentage of battery energy as well as Temperature in C', Voltage of battery and finally the level. The best thing in our longer battery life app is that you can use it for Free without paying any fees or special memberships. Enjoy it for Free!Once you activate our longest battery life app, you don't have to touch it again, because it runs in background and automatically. We will save your battery without opening our app Inside the Battery details section of our optimize battery app you will be able to find many details and information about you battery life With Fast Charge - Fast Battery Charger & Battery Saver, you can easily activate or deactivate WiFi network, Bluetooth, Brightness, Rotation, Sound and Timeout. Don't forget that those settings steal your battery energyYou do not have to spend a lot of time killing your current tasks because we will take care of this process automatically with our intelligent energy saving mode Nice and User-friendly UI Shows the battery capacity in the app Automatically activates fast charging mode Automatically turn off wifi, 3G Automatically turn off BluetoothHow to use Fast Charge - Fast Battery Charger & Battery Saver Launch the app and turn on the fast charge mode It will automatically boost your charging speed when you connect the charger next time Fast Charge - Fast Battery Charger & Battery Saver Up to 15-30% faster than other appsSUPPORTIf you have any problems while installing or using the app, please contact our apps developer team at email: jameslaryto@gmail.com We will contact with you and solve the difficulties as soon as possibleThanks for using Fast Charge - Fast Battery Charger & Battery Saver
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