Plumb-bob +

Check vertical and horizontal alignments. Measure distances, surfaces, volumes and angles. Take a picture, save it as as 3D scene in the library to work with it later. Export it as an image to share it with other people.Watch the video to learn in one minute how to use this application.Please make sure the free version is working on your device before downloading this application.Compared to the free version, this application provides the following added features:- no limit to the number of 3D scenes saved in library,- increase the number of rows and columns of the grid up to 20,- more plumb bob in 3D shape (cylinder and cones),- a horizontal frame split into 2 parts that can be resized independently to check that something is properly centered,- estimations of surfaces and volumes,- a higher sensor refresh rate which allows a smoother animation. The rate can be adjusted with the preference menu,- the possibility to customize colors and font size.If you wish to add a new feature, do not hesitate to send an email to describe it.Thank you for your support.
Operating System Android